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  • Automotive Insurance

    Whether you are a muscle car fanatic insuring your 1975 Pontiac GTO, or just need auto insurance coverage for your minivan, our office can keep your vehicle covered. Dan River Insurance Services, Inc. can provide automotive insurance coverage for vehicle owners in North Carolina. We will keep your automobile insured from points A to B and beyond.

    Our automotive insurance covers a variety of vehicles such as sedans, vans, trucks and more. We can provide you with the most affordable auto insurance polcies throughout the region. We partner with national auto insurance providers to cover your vehicle for collision coverage, theft insurance, bodily harm and more. Call Dan River Insurance Services today to find the best automotive insurance coverage for your vehicle!

  • Homeowners Insurance

    You just found the quaintest home in North Carolina at a sweet deal and you are ready to move your family and belongings into the new home. You realize that now you need homeowners insurance to keep you, your family and your home safe. That's when Dan River Insurance Services, Inc. can get your home covered. Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance aimed at protecting an individual against damages to the home and the belongings it contains. It can also provide liability coverage if an accident occurs in the home or property.

    Other homeowner insurance coverage options include flood insurance, earthquake insurance and insurance that covers all other "acts of God." Call Casey and Tara at Dan River Insurance Services today for the right homeowners insurance coverage for you.

  • Renter's Insurance

    Did you recently move into an apartment, or purchase more valuable items for your apartment? Talk to Casey and Tara at Dan River Insurance about renter's insurance options. We will work with you to get all your items covered and protect them whenever unfortunate circumstances. Our renter's insurance will cover your apartment during cases of burglary, damage, fire, flood and more.

  • Life Insurance

    Life is such a precious thing. As we grow older and start our own families, we realize the importance of life. We love our families and want to make sure they are protected, even when we are no longer around. That's why Dan River Insurance Services offers life insurance coverage options ranging from $15,000 to $1,000,000. Our office offers term, whole life and universal life insurance policies. Before signing up for a policy, we want to keep you informed and provide you the best life insurance coverage.

    Term Life Insurance - This is a temporary option that ranges from 10 to 30 years and is used to cover the duration of a large loan, such as a mortgage.

    Whole Life Insurance - Also known as "permanent insurance," which will remain in effect until the day you pass away or reach the age of 120, whichever comes first. Unlike Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance will accumulate a cash value that the policy owner can borrow against.

  • Truckers Insurance

    Whether you're hauling within the state of North Carolina or across state lines, Dan River Insurance Services has you and your truck covered. Our office offers commercial truck insurance for truckers, trucking companies and the fleet of trucks they operate. Call us today for affordable semi truck insurance.

  • Small Business Insurance

    The office of Dan River Insurance Services, Inc. wants to provide your business with the appropriate small business insurance coverage. We can provide several business insurance options such as general liability, commercial property, rental property, workers compensation, umbrella and more. We offer an instant Certificate of Insurance on most policies to protect your business needs as soon as possible.

  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance

    From RVs and mobile homes to motorcycles and four wheelers, Dan River Insurance Services, Inc. has your vehicle covered. We want to keep your recreational vehicles covered with the best insurance options. Our recreational vehicle insurance options include motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, ATV insurance, and more. Call us today to insure your recreational vehicle!

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